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International No Diet Day

International no diet day is about raising awareness of the dangers of dieting – restriction and deprivation of food. Everyday should be no diet day –  you can learn to not diet and have peace with food again. You can learn to eat all the foods you love, and feel better in yourself in so many ways. It may take longer than you’d hope, and be more challenging in so many ways, but you got this!

If you can make one little step towards a life without diets, what would it be?? If you look back in 10 years, it may actually be the biggest step you have taken.

If you would like to make an appointment to begin a life without diets and food restriction, please contact me. I’d love to work alongside you!



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May 6th – International No Diet Day

International No Diet Day is about raising awareness of what restrictive diet can do to your health and wellbeing. You know that Snickers ad –
“You’re not you when you’re hungry…” – well that is true!

Symptoms of dieting can include Continue reading