Appointments now in Chadstone

Beef pho photo

Beef Pho (
Australian Good Taste – August 2013
Recipe by Alison Adams
Photography by Jeremy Simons

I am now taking appointments on a Monday within the Business Development Company, in Chadstone Shopping Centre.
The office is lovely, and is easy to find… The closest parking is the JB Hi Fi/AMF/Hoyts carpark, you enter the lift between JB HiFi and Temt and go up to Level 2. Turn right and the waiting area for the office is straight ahead. The office is shared with a psychologist and counsellor.

My favourite thing to do at Chadstone is take my 3 year old to the Dumpling cafe in the food court… We usually share a vegetarian curry laksa! Modelling in action – he has always copied how I eat my noodle soup… Putting the noodles on the spoon to eat them. We fight over the egg noodles, and he enjoys the tofu as well (which we fight over too… They only ever put 2 pieces in!). Luckily, he also likes the carrot and mushrooms they use.. (I can take or leave them!). We make a good team.

I am yet to try the new Vietnamese Pho place in the food court, but will have plenty of opportunities to, no doubt!

Looking forward to meeting all of you, and helping you to eat more peacefully and with joy.

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Welcome to Eat in Peace

Welcome! I’m Nicole, an Accredited Practising a Dietitian (APD) and Nutritionist (AN).

Although my professional title has the word “diet” in it, it’s a bit of a deceptive term, as I don’t “prescribe diets”… My approach is non prescriptive, non restrictive, and non judgemental.

I assist people to improve their relationship with food, whether it be bingeing, restriction, or generally stuck in a “dieting cycle”. The way people eat are influenced by so many things, and we help you work through these to achieve your health and well being goals.

The media has saturated society with an image of what “perfect” health and wellbeing looks like, and what the “perfect” body type is. I can help you work through any thoughts and feelings you may have about your own body and help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Often, I will work with other professionals such as psychologists or GPs to assist.

I can also help you to eat in way which can assist in conditions such as mental illness, gastrointestinal symptoms, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Pregnant, breast feeding or post natal? We can chat about how you can reach your health and well being goals.

I am looking forward to working with you!