What to expect at your consultation

Our initial meeting…

Our initial appointment is generally  spent finding out about you – Why you made the decision to attend, what you hope to achieve and information about your health and history. We will discuss what we will aim for over the next few sessions. As Nicole practices through a non-diet, intuitive eating and weight neutral approach, you won’t be asked to step on scales, and you won’t be put on a diet or meal plan. For some people, for example with either restrictive or very chaotic eating, a sample meal plan may be used to normalise your eating or treat malnutrition. Intuitive eating is about being curious as to your food and eating behaviours, learning to reconnect with your body’s cues, and eating the food which nourishes YOU. Expect to be given plenty of time to talk, and also to be asked some questions to help you reflect on your health and wellbeing goals.

During consultations, we will explore your beliefs, feelings, and concerns about your weight. I work with clients to explore and gently move away from the importance that weight plays in their lives, and help them move more towards body acceptance.

You will be asked to complete the terms and conditions and personal info forms. These can be printed and completed in advance and brought to your session.  A referral is not required from your doctor, however in most cases having a team of professionals involved in your care is necessary and communication is helpful.

Skype, phone consultations and some home visits available.

At follow up sessions…

For some people, we review any goals you may have set and discuss any challenges you may have encountered. We explore non-diet and intuitive eating concepts and how they relate to your life such as appetite cues, mindful eating, how you relate to our body, your thoughts and feelings around food and eating. Throughout our sessions we may also discuss things such as what nutrition our bodies need, metabolism, how our body uses food and we put strategies  in place until our next appointment. We work in small steps according to how ready you are to make changes. Non restrictive. Non judgemental.


For information regarding fees, please contact Nicole.

You may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare if your GP has organised a Chronic Disease Management  plan. There will be an out of pocket cost – please speak to us if you have any queries about this. You may also be eligible for private health insurance rebates depending on your level of cover.

Eat in Peace operates part time, therefore to make it fair for our clients and practitioner, 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, or a fee 50% of the appointment costs will be issued. For non attendance without notification, a fee equal to the appointment costs will be issued.

Skype/phone consultations – These are not covered by Medicare plans.

Payment is expected on the day of consultation. Cash (exact amount), direct deposit or credit card payment accepted.

Eat in Peace uses HealthKit which is a cloud based Practice Management System. It is protected by 256-bit bank grade security and encryption. All information is encrypted and stored in a securely protected data centre in Australia with multiple backups in place. When HealthKit integrates with funding bodies (such as Australia’s Medicare and DVA bodies), HealthKit passed security and operational tests across the system.