Nicole Kopel

She/Her Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), Credentialed Eating Disorder Clinician (CEDC)

As a dietitian (APD), I aim to support people to heal their relationship with food, eating and their bodies. I utilise a non-diet, body led  and trauma informed approach to my practice, underpinned by Health at Every Size (R) principles. Through listening to my clients stories, I am always learning more about weight stigma and weight bias in our society, and  understand that not all bodies are treated equally. I aim to be a weight inclusive, fat positive dietitian, supporting people in all bodies to gently explore their relationship to food and your body.

My style of nutrition counselling is typically moderate to longer term. People engage for shorter or longer periods of time depending on their stage of recovery or how much prior exploration they have done. I see clients with mild, moderate and severe eating disorder and disordered eating symptoms, who are medically stable or under medical care.

I work closely with your health care team which may include your psychologist, psychiatrist, GP or family to ensure the most cohesive and  appropriate care.

I am a constant learner, and enjoy consolidating and extending my knowledge and skills in areas of interest from a wide range of teachers through supervision and professional development. I utilise a a range of skills and concepts stemming from psychological modalities including mindfulness, family based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and motivational interviewing to explore and make sense of your eating behaviour, and support you to build skills and find your own answers to heal your relationship with food and your body.

I enjoy working individually with clients, and also understand the importance of prevention and systemic change to support people in their lives. Our lives and our health don’t exist in a vacuum, and are impacted by a range of determinants, privileges and life experiences. Besides practising dietetics, I have also worked in Health Promotion, both within food access and other areas of health including sexual and reproductive health and mental health.

I aim to be a compassionate and non-judgemental dietitian, who takes the time to listen and understand my clients’ individual lived experiences, and where their eating behaviours fit into their lives.

I have 3 children who keep me busy when I am not working, and sometime when I am trying to! I enjoy spending time with my people, and mentoring other dietitians to support a more weight inclusive, non-diet/anti-diet profession. I identify as an introvert, and re-charge by spending time at home baking, getting absorbed in a Netflix series or movie, and I’m slowly learning how to keep plants alive and thriving.

To begin to discover that there is a different way to be with food, eating and your body, I would absolutely love to learn more about you.

Bachelor of  Applied Science. Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics. Graduate Diploma of Adolescent Health & Welfare.

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